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Event Details

Conference Retreat with James Finley
Location: Conference Center
Category: Conference Retreats
Date: Thursday June 22, 2017 through Sunday June 25, 2017
Cost: See pricing in Options area below.
Minimum Deposit: $100.00


This feature conference retreat
is scheduled to be held
 Thursday, June 22, 2017, 7:00 PM
Sunday, June 25, 2017, 12:00 PM
in the state of the art
Conference Center at
Villa Maria Community Center

"Exploring the Spiritual Dimensions of Healing"
with James Finley

A retreat devoted to exploring the spiritual dimensions of healing. The retreat singles out seven traumas or sources of suffering to which we are subject as human beings, then goes on to provide seven steps that heal these seven sources of suffering. The seven steps are presented as a path that gravitates toward becoming a healing presence in the midst of the world. Ways to pray and meditate and other spiritual practices will be provided that can help us stabilize and grow stronger in each step of the healing journey. The retreat is intended for all who are personally interested in how to access and share the spiritual dimensions of healing.  In addition, spiritual directors, hospice workers, medical and mental health professionals will find here ways to access the spiritual dimensions of the healing encounters that occur with those coming to you for help.  Time will be given for brief periods of silent meditation and discussion of the themes presented.

The seven steps explored in the retreat are:
1.)  Be grounded in your experience of who you are as a human being in relationship with others.
2.)  Have faith in the subtle flashes of spiritual awakening that occur each day.
3.)  Realize that the root of suffering is estrangement from spiritual experience.
4.)  Follow the mystics on the path of prayer and meditation that heals the root of suffering in its origin.
5.)  Follow the saints on the path of compassionate love that heals the roots of suffering that have found their way into our minds and hearts
6.)  Learn to live in the axial moment that transcends suffering in the midst of suffering.
7.)  Devote yourself in prayer, meditation and compassionate love to the lifelong process of learning to be a healing presence in the midst of the world.


James Finley, Ph.D. lived as a monk at the cloistered Trappist monastery of the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, where the world-renowned monk and author, Thomas Merton, was his spiritual director.  James Finley leads retreats and workshops throughout the United States and Canada, attracting men and women from all religious traditions who seek to live a contemplative way of life in the midst of today's busy world. He is also a clinical psychologist in private practice with his wife in Santa Monica, California.  James Finley is the author of: Merton's Palace of NowhereThe Contemplative Heart and Christian Meditation: Experiencing the Presence of God.

Early registration is encouraged as space is limited.

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Refund Policy 

Register due by June 8, 2017
Early registration is encouraged as space is limited. 


Cost for overnight guests includes: Retreat, Lodging, and Meals from Supper on Thursday to Lunch on Sunday.

•Begel Hall- Offers dormitory style accommodations and is located on Villa Maria Campus (just a short walk to Villa Maria Community Center). Bedrooms in Begel Hall make use of the common restrooms and are equipped with ceiling fans. Bedrooms are not air conditioned.

Single occupancy room (w/common bath) $400.00 (per person)
Double occupancy room (w/common bath) $370.00 (per person)

Cost includes Program fee plus Lunch and Dinner meals.

For more information
Phone: 724-964-8886
September 2017