2019 Programs at a Glance

Check our website frequently for more information about these and other programs coming in 2019!

January 11-12:  Maureen Lauer-Gatta and Dena Deluco, Living in Awareness

February 22-23: Margaret Marszal, HM, Reflections on the Life of St. Teresa of Calcutta

March 15-17: Weekend Individually Directed Retreat

March 23: Dr. Robert Wicks, Riding the Dragon - Strengthening Your Inner Life in Challenging Times

April 13: Dena Deluco, Make Friends with the Voice

May 4: Paulette Kirschensteiner, HM and Ginny Taylor, MA, MFA, RYT, 
Navigating Life Changes with Words and Art

June 9-14: Kathleen Duffy, SSJ, Teilhard’s Mysticism: Spiraling into the Cosmic Christ

June 16-23:  Weeklong Individually Directed Retreat       

July 7-11:  Paulette Kirschensteiner, HMMandalas as Prayer

July 7-13: Spiritual Direction Formation

July 15-20: Nancy Sylvester, IHM, Contemplation…a Transformative Practice Needed at This Time

August 4-9:  Susan Schorsten, HM and Gay Rowzie, HM, Women Doctors of the Church

September 21:  Paulette Kirschensteiner, HM, More on Mandalas as Prayer

September 22-29:  Weeklong Individually Directed Retreat

October 6-11:  Jan Phillips, Beyond Belief: Becoming the Mystics and Prophets We Are Called to Be

November 1-3: Weekend Individually Directed Retreat

November 8-9:  Cheryl Rose, HM, Enneagram

November 15-17:  Melanie Svoboda, SND, Hanging onto Hope in Our Imperfect World

December 6-8:  Cheryl Rose, HM, Empty Bowl Retreat