2020 Programs at a Glance

Check our website frequently for more information about these and other programs coming in 2020!

January 15: Rev. George Balasko, Torah Studies for Christians

January 21: Barbara O'Donnell, HM, Coffee and Contemplation

January 24-26: Dena Deluco & Maureen Lauer-Gatta, Self-Care Retreat for Caregivers

February 18: Mary Stanco, HM, Coffee and Contemplation

February 19: Rev. George Balasko, Torah Studies for Christians

March 3: Ellen S. Ford, Contemplative Reflection on "The Universal Christ"

March 12: Taizé Prayer

March 17: Ardath Blake, HM,  Coffee and Contemplation

March 18: Rev. George Balasko, Torah Studies for Christians

March 20–22: Anne Kertz Kernion, Neuroscience and Well-Being: How Spirituality Affects our Health and DNA

April  4: Maureen Lauer-Gatta, Essential Oils: From Basics to Beyond

April 15: Rev. George Balasko, Torah Studies for Christians

April 21: Barb Lenarcic, HM, Coffee and Contemplation

May 1-3: Jim Finley (via Skype) & Cheryl Rose, HM    

May 7: Taizé Prayer

May 12: Janet Burkhart, HM, Coffee and Contemplation

May 20: Rev. George Balasko, Torah Studies for Christians

May 24: Guided Labyrinth Walk

June 6: Villa Maria-thon

June 13: Paulette Kirchensteiner, HM, Praying with Color

June 14-21: Weeklong Individually Directed Retreat

June 17: Guided Labyrinth Walk

June 25-28: Rev. George Smiga, S.T.D., Surprise, Shock, and Gospel: The Parables of Jesus

July  5-9: Paulette Kirchensteiner, HM, Spirituality of Drawing

July 5-11: Spiritual Direction Formation

July 15: Guided Labyrinth Walk

July 16: Phillip A. Cunningham, Ph.D.,  Five Plus Decades on the Catholic - Jewish "Journey of Friendship:" Moving Toward Mutuality

July 24-25: Cheryl Rose, HM, Seeking the Hidden Grace: A Corona Retreat

July 26-31: Carolyn Capuano, HM & Melinda Smith, MD, Contemplation in Action: A Virtual Ignatian Pilgrimage

August 16-21: Jan Novotka & Marie Larkin, Hidden Wholeness

August 19: Guided Labyrinth Walk

September 16: Guided Labyrinth Walk

September  19: Paulette Kirchensteiner, HM, Zentangles

September 20-27: Weeklong Individually Directed Retreat

October  2-3: Dena Deluco, Wisdom of the Soul – Weekend Writing Retreat

October 11: Guided Labyrinth Walk

October 23-24: Ilia Delio, OSF, Learning to Love the Whole

October 24: Paulette Kirchensteiner, HM, Praying with Color

November 6-8: Maureen Lauer-Gatta, Yoga Retreat

November 13-14: Cheryl Rose, HM, Enneagram 

December 11-13: Cheryl Rose, HM, Empty Bowl : Anything Other Than God: A Retreat on the Longing of God