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Land Retreat-A New Series
Location: Mother Madelaine Room
Category: Weekend Opportunities
Date: Friday June 22, 2018 through Saturday June 23, 2018
Cost: $75.00 per session
Minimum Deposit: $0.00


7:00 p.m. Friday, June 22, 2018 
3:00 p.m. Saturday June 23, 2018 

"The Gift of Water"
 with Barbara O'Donnell, HM and Frank Romeo


For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be
filled with an awareness of the glory of God.
Habakkuk 2:14 

Share insights about the importance of water
for life. Learn more about Villa Wetlands,
Coffee Run Creek and the Villa pond. Discuss
local and global concerns for clean, healthy
water. Share experiences of water, personal
choices for water conservation and join in a
“Pond Prayer.”

 The Villa Land Retreat began in 1999 and evolves into a new format in 2018. Five weekend opportunities are offered in a contemplative spirit as we explore specific Villa acreage based on the theme of the day presented by Frank Romeo and Sister Barbara O’Donnell. Time for personal prayer, walks, ritual, and creativity are included. Although shorter in time, the heart of the retreat calls us to celebrate God’s gift of creation and to reflect on our relationship with Earth - locally and globally.

All are welcome to participate in one or all of the sessions.

Frank RomeoFrank Romeo is Director of Land Management Emeritus at Villa Maria. He serves as a Director of the Lawrence County Conservation District and is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture and the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. Frank offers presentations and classes related to spirituality and organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, Farm-Based Environmental Education and other land topics.



Sr. BarbaraSr. Barbara is an educator with youth and adults who offers presentations, workshops, retreats, and rituals integrating spirituality and ecological sustainability. She serves as an Ambassador for the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change. Sister Barbara holds an MA in Religious Education and an MA in Earth Literacy.                                                                                                          



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 Refund Policy

Registration due by June 12, 2018.

Includes: Retreat, Lodging, and Meals from
Light Supper on Friday to Lunch on Saturday;
$60.00 for Second Night, Supper, and Breakfast

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