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Jesus and the Mission of Peace, Love and Nonviolence
Location: Conference Center
Category: Weekend Opportunities
Date: Friday September 7, 2018 through Sunday September 9, 2018
Cost: $250.00
Minimum Deposit: $100.00


7:00 p.m. Friday, September 7, 2018
Sunday, September 9, 2018

"Jesus and the Mission of Peace, Love and Nonviolence"

Presenter: Rev. John Dear

Our fragmented and polarized world is out of sync with nature.  The ancient Greeks knew that awareness of the cosmos was essential to right living. By renewing an understanding of catholicity today as it originated among the Greeks, we have an opportunity to awaken to a new sense of wholeness with God at the center. We will explore the meaning of catholicity in its relation to cosmos and consciousness to see how a renewed understanding of catholicity can empower a new world.

Rev. John Dear is an internationally recognized voice and leader for peace and nonviolence. A priest, activist and author, he served for years as the director of the
Fellowship of Reconciliation, the largest interfaith peace organization in the U.S.

After September 11, 2001, he was a Red Cross coordinator of chaplains at the Family Assistance Center in New York, and counseled thousands of relatives and rescue workers.  John has traveled the war zones of the world, been arrested some 80 times for peace, led Nobel Peace prize winners to Iraq, recently visited Afghanistan, given thousands of lectures on peace across the U.S., and served as a pastor of several churches in New Mexico.  He arranged on many occasions for Mother Teresa to speak to various governors to stop an impending execution, and recently helped draft Pope Francis’ Jan. 1, 2017 World Day of Peace message on nonviolence. He is a co-founder of Campaign Nonviolence and the Nonviolent Cities Project.  

His thirty five books include: The Beatitudes of Peace; The Nonviolent Life; Walking the Way;
Thomas Merton Peacemaker; A Persistent Peace; Transfiguration; You Will Be 
My Witnesses;
Living Peace; The Questions of Jesus; The God of Peace; Jesus the Rebel; Peace Behind Bars; Lazarus Come Forth! and Disarming the Heart.

He has been nominated many times for the Nobel Peace Prize, including by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sen. Barbara Mikulski.

He works for, is a priest of the Diocese of Monterey, Cal.,
and lives in New Mexico. See:


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