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Beyond Belief: Becoming the Mystics and Prophets We Are Called to Be
Location: Conference Center
Category: Conference Retreats
Date: Sunday October 6, 2019 through Friday October 11, 2019
Cost: $465.00
Minimum Deposit: $100.00


7:00 p.m. Sunday, October 6, 2019
to Noon Friday, October 11, 2019

"Beyond Belief:  Becoming the Mystics
and Prophets We Are Called to Be"

with Jan Phillips

Healing the world begins with healing ourselves.  As Ramana Maharshi reminds us:  “The greatest service we can render the world is our self-realization.”  This means that we become the greatest light in the world when we master our own ordeals and connect our creative potential with our spiritual power.  Becoming a prophetic person starts with a spiritual practice.  It moves from silence to thought to word and action.  When our words and actions are rooted in our spiritual commitments, we become a light in the world and a force for good.  This workshop is an entry point into our own deep wisdom.  Using the tools of music, poetry, storytelling and imagery, we explore the landscape of our own experience, mining it for insight and ideas about the work ahead.


Jan Phillips is a writer, photographer and speaker who connects the dots between evolutionary creativity, spiritual intelligence and social action. She is the author of ten award-winning books, has taught in over 25 countries, and has published work in numerous journals and other publications.  Her books include No Ordinary Time, Creativity Unzipped, Finding the On-Ramp to Your Spiritual Path, The Art of Original Thinking, and Divining the Body.  Jan travels throughout the United States and Canada, leading retreats and workshops for  organizations and individuals committed to evolutionary spirituality. As an artist, she incorporates music, poetry and imagery in all her workshops in order to keep the brain and heart connected.  In addition Jan is co-founder and director of the Livingkindness Foundation, a grassroots activist organization supporting women in leadership and art in activism.


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