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Wisdom of the Soul: Weekend Writing Retreat
Location: Mother Madelaine Room
Category: Weekend Opportunities
Date: Friday October 2, 2020 through Saturday October 3, 2020
Cost: $130.00
Minimum Deposit: $100.00


7:00 p.m. Friday, October 2, 2020 to
4:00 p.m.
 Saturday, October 3, 2020

Wisdom of the Soul: Weekend Writing Retreat
Dena DeLuco

Connection. Imagination. Intuition. Your heart is the doorway through which your intuition speaks.

Imagine your life if you could open this doorway and trust it, wholly and completely. No previous writing experience needed! As we share this sacred time together, you will learn easy ways to open this door and allow the wisdom of the soul to flow into your awareness... and capture it ... on paper.

Whether you’re a writer or simply someone who loves to write, you will find the opportunity to take a deep dive into the creative, intuitive nature of the Soul.

This retreat is not for you if: You want a class on how to write a book (yet it can be the spark that gets you moving) , need therapy (although it can be extremely therapeutic, we are not counselors).

This retreat is for you if you are looking to:  Find your inner voice, write from your heart, strengthen trust in yourself and your path, awaken/fuel the mission of your soul, open the doorway to your intuitive faculties, find your soul tribe. 

No Writing Experience Needed! 

As we write together, we connect with our own Personal Heart as well as form a Collective Heart. The beauty and creativity which happen in THIS Space is Breathtaking! Together, we can go where we cannot go alone.

How Does the Magic Happen? Together, we set a safe and sacred space, simple guided meditations to connect you into your Sacred Heart, intuitive writing prompts to take you from head to heart, free stream of consciousness writing, powerful ‘anchors’ (think, breadcrumbs to find your way back), share your writing (always optional).

Dena DeLuco has been leading women in Writing Circles for over 7 years with life changing results.  She is an Author, Speaker, NLP Success Coach, Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist Trainer (International Hypnosis Federation). The Founder of Evolving Door (NE Ohio), Dena’s focus is on helping her clients break free of imagined limitations (think... “there is no box!”). In a rich and powerful way, Dena’s superpower is holding space for you to take a gentle step or (if you’re ready) a deep dive into the ‘great within’ to catch a glimpse of your next giant step (or leap) forward! There are countless ways to unlock your genius… why not let it be easy, graceful, joyful & fun? In a world where we are taught to find our happiness ‘out there’ maybe it’s time to ‘go inside’ and find the magic and beauty within.


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(Includes: Retreat, Lodging and Meals from Light Supper on Friday to Lunch on Saturday)
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